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we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

this too is CEM

This too is Customer Experience Management although one must never do this. Advertisements

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people are the most powerful advertising medium

A fantastic presentation by the Jack Morton Worldwide Group, on the importance of brand advocates. A study conducted across 3000 customers in US, UK, Brazil, Chinal, India and Russia clearly … Continue reading

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we buy stories not shade cards

We as consumers of any kind of communication today do not believe in evidence and argument. Guess who joined the shade card bandwagon? After skincare brands it is now time … Continue reading

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segmentation at a computer and laptop Brand Store

What is the shopper journey in purchase of a laptop/computer? STEP 1 – Realize the need for purchase STEP 2 – Add brands to the consideration set STEP 3 – … Continue reading

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inspiring me Asian Paints Colour World

In the year 2009 Asian Paints built a 7500sqft Customer Experience Store in the heart of the city of Mumbai. The store does not sell product. The store does what … Continue reading

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3 reasons for shoppers to buy a large pack of confectionery

Just like ice cream, confectionery is not an impulse purchase in a supermarket. However, marketers are under huge pressure to sell large packs in supermarkets – multipack or a large … Continue reading

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4 business cards that tell a story

Tell us what you think of the BUYSTORIES business card?

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store zoning

Store zoning is not a new word in Shopper Marketing or CEM however what you will read not is not common knowledge. Store zoning has absolutely NOTHING to do with … Continue reading

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use of props in storytelling

Peter Guber -author of the book Tell to win paid a visit to the office of LASIK surgeon Robert Maloney. Peter’s wife had had a successful surgery and so she … Continue reading

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Victoria’s (Secret) STORY

Once upon a time, women cared about wearing nice clothes. They couldn’t care less about what was under. Lingerie was meant to be cheap. Something white, something cotton, was the … Continue reading

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smelly Story

I opened my fridge this morning. “Oh! I finished the milk last night” – I said to myself. Hence, no cereal, and therefore no breakfast. I rushed to the local … Continue reading

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isn’t a bookstore all about STORIES

Steimatzky is one of the largest Book Chains in Israel founded in 1925. I came across some fantastic work that they are doing in that market using the power of stories. … Continue reading

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the Jared Fogle story from Subway

All businesses can grow with stories. Simple, relevant and emotional STORIES. Here is a story of Jared Fogle who was 425 pounds at age 20 when he developed complications with … Continue reading

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CXM can be FUNny

“Happy Holidays from Helzberg Diamonds. This is Anthony, how may I help you?” “Is this Helzberg Diamonds?” “Yes.” “Do you sell jewelry?” “…” Me: do you see the windows key … Continue reading

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a piece on colour cosmetics in POP Magazine

Please read page 32 and 33 by clicking on this link –

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sorry state of Air India

The sorry state of Air India owing to 1 senior air hostess on the flight. If that is how a senior hostess is allowed to treat customers the example one … Continue reading

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pingbacks for BUYSTORIES work


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cosmetics pink booth

Imagine walking down the sidewalk to find a PINK telephone booth where the a pink telephone called ‘Temptation Telephone’ is ringing. Strange! You open the door and hesitantly pick up … Continue reading

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how angry are we?

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smart restaurant tool

Here is a very useful tool for restaurants. When I visit a restaurant I always wonder what the guy writes on his little pad when we order. If I am … Continue reading

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ebay and kate spade Saturday

A strong contender for any innovative retail innovation award – Kate Spade Saturday ( a line of youthful cuts, fun-inspired prints and bright cheery colors. With 4 store fronts in Manhattan has … Continue reading

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care, mean it, deliver – Only at Ritz Carlton

We will take care of this for you! Mean it! Deliver it! Who else will do that? RITZ CARLTON the BUYstory maker A recovery story that just keeps getting better! … Continue reading

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Sprite’s perfect STORY plots

What is it about the highest selling ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ stories. The book ‘Made to Stick’ by Dan & Chip Heath talks about 3 plots: The Challenge Plot … Continue reading

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the STORY of perceptive selling

My UPT and ATV story. I work with these terms day in and day out. UPT is Basket size and ATV is Basket value. Yet I fell for a sales … Continue reading

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hiSTORY of toothpaste

Why do we brush our teeth? Who says brushing leads to better oral care? Why do we wake up every morning and head to the bathroom cabinet? Obviously, now it … Continue reading

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smart shelf design

fixture closeup is one of my favourites specially when I wish to be awed by simplicity at retail. We understand hoe precious shelf space is. At one end we struggle … Continue reading

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BUYSTORIES in the press

POP Magazine is India’s only Shopper Marketing Magazine. A part of the VJ Media Works Pvt. Ltd. a media company with interests in publishing and industry events related to the marketing … Continue reading

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MAC man

I am never never sure of my cosmetics purchase. I always wonder if I have chosen the right colour. It is only when someone else compliments me do I feel … Continue reading

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or this

has this happened in your presence? or this? or this? Write to us with your stories. Funny, Happy, Sad, Heartwarming or just plain Preposterous!

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men are faux pas avoiders

I have worked for some gorgeous fashion and luxury brands like DIESEL, Paul & Shark, Timberland, Thomas Pink. In India these happen to be primarily male brands. As the head … Continue reading

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Lush? maybe not!

What  happens when you take a beautiful (handmade) creme, and put it in an eco friendly package? It creates a natural curiosity. Like it did in me. What happens when … Continue reading

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what’s better for the employee is better for the customer – Southwest Airlines

Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines once said to his team “I can teach you the secret to running this airline in 30 seconds. This is it: We are THE low-fare … Continue reading

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why storytelling?

The magic of “Once upon a time”

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oral care wars

Years after the end of cola wars the consumer is now being made to witness the oral care war. We are not interested in your marketing wars and hence we … Continue reading

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detractors are a minus minus

Detractors are defined as respondents rating their likelihood to recommend your business as 6 or less. It may not seem like a big deal. Look at it this way… Likelihood of … Continue reading

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power of stories

The Small Picture – MINT Friday 12th July Page 17 A picture story so touching. Picture of a MIRROR – Every woman has one. It could be a makeshift table with … Continue reading

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the praise and questions around Starbucks Evenings

It is an obvious move. As much as I think Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker may not be very happy with the move. Later dayparts in any community … Continue reading

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use of storytelling – Chevrolet

most important part of a car sale  – Delivery of the car’s features while emotionally connecting with the customer person critical to the situation – Car dealer Chevrolet’s very witty and … Continue reading

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brain coupling by Uri Hasson

Whilst listening with your whole self have you ever caught yourself mirroring the expressions on the speakers face? It is because when you listen to stories and understand them, you … Continue reading

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‘lights’ a step child

Retail Store Design is an evolved ART. Truth is – Customer’s subconscious mind is the most important influencer of purchase behavior and Retail Store Design is consumed subconsciously. However the … Continue reading

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funniest OOH I have ever seen

I have a few questions: Why is there a Fashion event in the city of Hyderabad? Why the mannequin? and why such bad ones? What is with their hair? Why is … Continue reading

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Our profile The ESSENCE of BUYSTORIES and our unique approach to SERVICES WE OFFER:   Customer Experience Management Shopper Marketing Customer Research Retail Design Social Store Manageemnt

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‘Let it out’ stories by Kleenex

Kleenex the world’s first facial tissue brand became a generic name for tissues at one point. But that has its downside of running the risk of being commoditized and the … Continue reading

June 17, 2013 · 1 Comment

a heartwarming story of a customer service representative at U.S. Cellular with a cancer patient

Taking from the video – Heartwarming story of a customer service representative with a cancer patient 24-year-old Carlos Gonzalez sporting large white-rimmed sunglasses, a plaid scarf, a lip ring, and … Continue reading

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ice cream is NOT impulse in supermarkets

ICE-CREAM is an impulse category – TRUE ICE-CREAM in a supermarket is bought on impulse – FALSE Think about where is ice cream stored in a supermarket – old flat … Continue reading

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funniest store signs


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do I look like a Mr. to you?

Oh I forgot you can’t see me because you are across the phone. It was the industry’s conscious move to call a customer by their second name in the wake … Continue reading

June 7, 2013 · 2 Comments

Mike Jeffries was bold, let him be

So what is with the whole backlash at Mike Jeffries CEO Abercrombie and Fitch about??? Chronology of events: Mike Jeffries made a statement in the year 2006 – “Candidly, we go after … Continue reading

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father and son merchandize display

  Beach shorts – What better merchandise for the concept of ‘like father like son’. Holiday shopping often happens at the last minute. Last minute holiday shopping brings with it euphoria. The customer … Continue reading

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potential of gift cards

As a person I hate gift certificates.  It stirs very very strong negative emotions. To me it is the way to tell someone ‘I don’t care enough to go through the effort’. But then … Continue reading

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