Shopper Marketing and Customer Experience Management

we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy


aaradhee mehtaRecently in my career I had taken on a challenge of proving KPI movement from a Customer Experience program. It was a success. The reviewer however spoke about the feedback he had from other stakeholders of the activity. It made me realize how the carefully set performance parameter had lost ground in front of feedback whose source of origin was believable to the reviewer.

It was the turning point of the conversation on the table. If we as business drivers are skeptical about evidence and are unaffected by argument, why do we think the customer is any different.

It was the most obvious display of the power of stories and the reason for me to start BUYSTORIES.

I have worked on selling everything from fabric care and health beverages to fashion and lifestyle. If there is one belief one goes by, it is that for those who want to listen  the customer is shouting out loud.

The human desire to possess, tangible, intangible, small, big alike,  is what makes the world go around and inspiration awakens desires.

thebuystories blog is aimed at capturing and sharing inspiring buy stories. Because stories that aren’t told tend to fade away and die.




  1. Shubhojit
    February 16, 2014

    I was surfing and came along your blog. Interesting thoughts, well put and structured sans emotions …in clean, simple English. Bouncing your thoughts is important, find someone neutral ….it’ll do you a world of good. All the best. Would be interesting to meet you in person.

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