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we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

5 Sense Engagement for winning in-store

95% of in-store experience is subconscious. The only place a brand can engage all 5 senses is the physical store. The Sense Model we use (licensed from RedTeak in Singapore) is … Continue reading

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The potential of Shopper Marketing?

#5 Shopper Insights and the agility of using them Once potential triggers along the path to purchase are identified rightly it is far easier, quicker and inexpensive to implement plans … Continue reading

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Brooks Brothers customers turned influencer

How are men’s formal apparel brands marketing themselves? In India the story looks something like this: From international imagery to events and recently style tips how real do these feel to … Continue reading

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Shopper Marketing Campaign for ITC Bingo

If you are wondering why the BUYSTORIES blog was inactive for a bit, we were busy rolling out this gorgeous Shopper Marketing Campaign for ITC Foods. Bingo! Launched a new … Continue reading

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social storytelling – kinds of LOVE

Why Saying ‘I Love You’ Shouldn’t Be a Big Deal At All Loving a Married Man Picture courtesy:

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10000 views from across 93 countries

  The BUYSTORIES blog crossed over 10000 hits recently. We want to share the joy and Thank all for reading and sharing. 122 posts across 11 categories 10000 views from … Continue reading

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WORKSHOP on Brand Storytelling

“STORYTELLING IS IN VOGUE, and there are a lot of people saying, ‘We have to tell stories and be on all platforms,’” says John Sadowsky, author of Email, Social Marketing … Continue reading

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Social BPM takes Customer Experience Management a step further

What is Customer Experience Management is the BPO/BPM industry like? Are we ready to crowdsource insights?

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Colour Cosmetics Retail Design Strategy

Can design sell Colour Cosmetics? India has seen 15 new colour cosmetic brands since 2009 from Lancome, Faces, MAC to a revamp in our very Indian Lakme. Malls look like glamorous places partly because of the colour cosmetics stores with their very appealing … Continue reading

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Re:imagining TYRE stores

Originally posted on thevalleygroupindia:
We all love our cars and we all  love to shop, but for some reason buying a tyre is just not something we look forward to…

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social storytelling – SINGLE in India

World of singles in India Being single is embarrassing Family and single people in India What single people do over weekends? Looking for love in your 30’s

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social storytelling – Stigma attached to MENTAL ILLNESS

What every person considering suicide wants to say to you Mental illness in India Helping before suicide Insurance for mental illness Refuse to accept mental illness Help for mental illness … Continue reading

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BUYSTORIES way of working

Day In The Life Of: Aaradhee Mehta Click link –

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segmentation at a computer and laptop Brand Store

What is the shopper journey in purchase of a laptop/computer? STEP 1 – Realize the need for purchase STEP 2 – Add brands to the consideration set STEP 3 – … Continue reading

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3 reasons for shoppers to buy a large pack of confectionery

Just like ice cream, confectionery is not an impulse purchase in a supermarket. However, marketers are under huge pressure to sell large packs in supermarkets – multipack or a large … Continue reading

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a piece on colour cosmetics in POP Magazine

Please read page 32 and 33 by clicking on this link –

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BUYSTORIES in the press

POP Magazine is India’s only Shopper Marketing Magazine. A part of the VJ Media Works Pvt. Ltd. a media company with interests in publishing and industry events related to the marketing … Continue reading

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Our profile The ESSENCE of BUYSTORIES and our unique approach to SERVICES WE OFFER:   Customer Experience Management Shopper Marketing Customer Research Retail Design Social Store Manageemnt

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ice cream is NOT impulse in supermarkets

ICE-CREAM is an impulse category – TRUE ICE-CREAM in a supermarket is bought on impulse – FALSE Think about where is ice cream stored in a supermarket – old flat … Continue reading

June 10, 2013 · 2 Comments

BUYSTORIES work – life of a shoe box

Story of a shoebox “Someone I have never met put in a lot of effort in designing me. I was born in a factory with a lot of other boxes … Continue reading

May 21, 2013 · 2 Comments

everyone wears the LUXURY BADGE

Straight from the customer come these words that I have come across during days spent with luxury buyers across age groups, income classes and backgrounds all parts of India from … Continue reading

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