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we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

Brand ‘Storytelling’ is NOT

Brand that are practising ‘Storytelling’

MAGNUM Ice creams Couch Moments – South Africa

The new Pints delivers a premium chocolate and ice-cream indulgence in the comfort of your home. Magnum Pints lends itself to those couch moments when you’re curled up on the sofa watching your favourite movie after dinner. It is the ultimate me-time treat, with each spoonful transporting you to a state of euphoria.” Magnum’s SA brand manager, Junaid Raiman.

Invited consumers to share the favourite couch moments.

magnum couch moments

Jack Daniel’s Bar Stories – USA

“Everybody loves a good bar story. A lot of people have good bar stories. It’s something that is kind of a universal truth,” said Travis Robertson, an Arnold creative director. “So we set out across the country to really find those in some of the greatest bars in America.”

Photo contest inviting consumers to share their bar stories.

jack daniels title-story-tales4

Eurostar Stories they are a waiting – London and Paris

“With this campaign we wanted to widen that emotional bond and demonstrate what travelling with Eurostar is about, which is making stories and memories that people can share when they come back,” Eurostar’s director of marketing and brand, Lionel Benbassat.

Asking consumers to send in a witty and fun video or animation that tells a story of the unexpected things they have discovered in one of Eurostar’s destinations.


Nike Rise Above Stories

Documented powerful basketball stories about real people rising above adversity and then asked the world to share what the game helps them overcome. Amplified by mini documentaries on YouTube, the Jumpman23 Instagram channel lit up with thousands of photos from fans across the globe sharing the obstacles basketball helps them overcome.


Microsoft Stories

Microsoft Stories, a site filled with longform profiles of interesting people and projects going on inside the company.


Brand Storytelling is NOT
– Crowdsourcing content
– Promoting word-of-mouth
– PR
– Testimonials
– Advertising with an emotional approach
it is about…

…making you an important part of the Brand Story? Whatever it takes!

It is an unexplored space. A lot can be done and will be done. There will be ideas that will blow our minds. Wait for it. Keep reading.

other examples:
Nutella 50 yearsCornetto CupidityKleenex ‘Let it out’Me & Meri ‘Maggi’

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