Shopper Marketing and Customer Experience Management

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The potential of Shopper Marketing?

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#5 Shopper Insights and the agility of using them

Once potential triggers along the path to purchase are identified rightly it is far easier, quicker and inexpensive to implement plans and test results. Example:
Insight: Chocolates could be placed with sanitary napkins as food cravings increase week-10days before the menstural cycle.
Execution: Develop a parasite unit with a simple message.
Measurement: Place it in test stores for 2 weeks or less and monitor off takes
Vs. developing a campaign, buy media space, wait for months to test associations.

#6 The Shopper Marketing Department/Team

Shopper Marketing team reports to Sales. Huh?
Shopper Marketing team (not a department) reports to Brand Marketing. Should they?
Shopper Marketing person reports to Category Head. What are they reporting?

Alignment of consumer marketing and shopper marketing strategies through a closer collaboration between internal marketing teams is required. While many businesses today have created stand-alone teams; shopper marketing requires a cross-departmental approach involving members from sales, marketing and procurement teams – as all three play an important role in ensuring that the shopper marketing strategy is defined and implemented effectively.

All cannot work in isolation.

How will you measure productivity of a Shopper Marketing team?:

  1. if their job is to generate insights, report them to sales and hope they use it
  2. if all they do is take a consumer campaign and adapt it to in-store elements
  3. if their spend budgets are restricted to 2% or less of the brand marketing spends

By the end of 6 months all this team will have to show is a few slides of insights implemented in a half baked fashion. I’d ask my peers steer clear of joining a Shopper Marketing team that does not have at least a 3 year agenda,moneys to back your work and reports to the top management.

#7 Shopper Segments/Profiles stay on powerpoint slides

Shopper segments are today restricted to nice-to-have powerpoint slides. Criminal waste of the research spends.

It is relatively simple to use the knowledge of shopper segments – Budget shopper needs to dictate deals and offers and the Quality shopper needs to have a say in the product and retail brands need to device campaigns to convert browsers. Staff could be trained to identify and customise approach for each shopper segment.

Does it happen? Not in most cases.
Key reason is non alignment of departments – operations thinks it is a waste of time, training believes it is not necessary etc. Which only goes to prove there is a lack of belief and commitment towards the value of the discipline of Shopper Marketing.

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