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Brooks Brothers customers turned influencer

How are men’s formal apparel brands marketing themselves?
In India the story looks something like this:


From international imagery to events and recently style tips how real do these feel to the real customer. While brands are falling over each other to create differentiation, in reality what we found out during research is that everyone from executive to CEO level seems to be wearing the same set of brands at different price brackets. And they do not care.

However there are always a few suave well dressed men who also happen to be customers of the Brooks Brothers.

We wished for these men to talk. We wished for them to educate more in their social and professional circle about the Brooks Brothers oldest men’s clothier chain in the United States.

In the world of men’s apparel it is difficult to get the influencer talking. Successful men are the biggest influencers in the lives of most professionals. However men do not discuss clothes and brands.

How do we turn our esteemed Brooks Brothers customer into advocates?

Brooks Brothers Chronicles is a monthly in-store magazine. An India initiative by Reliance Brands Limited that covers the life of a successful man from the respective region.


Content is like that of a business magazine interviewing an industry big name. Questions and pictures around their Journey, Milestones, Lifestyle, Family, Hobbies and of course the Wardrobe.

brooksbrothers chronicles


There is intermittent mention of the favourite collections from Brooks Brothers, their love for the brand, how the brands runs across their wardrobe formal, casual, suits and shoes and even their experience in the stores in India.

People love to read about the lives of those who they look up to.

The magazine when circulated within the social and professional circle of the Brooks Brother’s customer creates a great impact and establishes the choices in apparel and brands thereby influencing the readers.

When distributed at stores speaks highly of the brand if it is being consumed suave successful men. One may even see themselves on the magazine soon.

It was also a very effective direct marketing piece. Imagine receiving something other than a product catalogue in your mail. A 20 page great looking  magazine with style tips and some information of the latest collection. Now that is noteworthy and one is more likely to walk into the store just for how subtly differently the brand spoke to them.

The customers were very happy with the results. They were happy to take copies of the magazine for their friends, family and co-workers.

One of the first projects by BUYSTORIES.

We did every bit from customer research to understand the wardrobe of the potential Brooks Brothers customer to arriving at the idea of the magazine Brooks Brothers Chronicles to influencer the influencer.
Customer interviews, content writing, pictures and layouts.

Here is a big thank you to my former employer Reliance Brands Limited for believing.

Brooks Brothers Chronicles a fine display of the POWER OF STORIES.







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