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Nutella — 50 Years Full of Stories

Nutella asked people to send their love in the form of stories on its 50th birthday.
Putting fans at the centre of the campaign idea.

A global campaign to celebrate the brand’s role in the lives of its fans, inviting all to share beautiful moments that include Nutella®: photos, videos and written stories. 68253 shared as of today. Stories that can be liked, shared, pinned, tweeted.

What a fantastic birthday present for a brand. Happy 50th Nutella!

“My daily moment with nutella… In the evening, after dinner, I have a special moment with my daughters. I get up from the table and see them following my every movement, hoping I’ll go to where I keep the legendary jar of nutella… I have fun making them wait because I like to see that light in their eyes, a blend of curiosity and gluttony. So I keep them waiting; I might start washing the dishes, preparing the soapy water. When I turn around to check out their reactions, they are watching me with their sweetest faces… they know that the meal ends with a little piece of bread and nutella… So I take the jar out of the cupboard and sit back down at the table with them to make the moment even sweeter. Another little anecdote… Often times when a nutella ad comes on the TV, I have the irresistible urge to do a clumsy dance and the girls find it very funny when I suddenly stop whatever I’m doing and start dancing… That music, with Pavarotti’s voice, is irresistible ;-)” – eliana.r1725, (IT) Italy, 04/03/2014

Nutella is a Lovemark – The book Lovemarks by Kevin Roberts  has a quote “We find that stories are major ways in which Lovemarks resonate with people’s everyday lives. Consumer stories about Lovemarks are often several hundred words long, indicating their rich and guiding roles.”

Is Nutella a Lovemark? Like hell it is!

Does the campaign idea work? Yes it does so well.

Need we say more about the ‘Power Of Stories’

3 comments on “Nutella — 50 Years Full of Stories

  1. PRateek Kotha
    June 6, 2014

    There are two good things about a story:
    -It stays with you.
    -It grows on u(u keep on thinking of various possibilities).

    Thanks for sharing!

    • thebuystories
      June 6, 2014

      Thank you Prateek. Glad you like the post. Keep reading!

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