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Digital Shopper Marketing at its best.

Online shoppers are accustomed to great deals on anything they want to buy. A lot of us online shopper are deal hunters and search engines just make it so easy to find one.

Yipiii ( lets you take a punt on free shopping at big name online stores. Excellent gamification of the internet shopping experience. A chance to win the products the shopper is playing for.

Besides all the basics of any e-commerce site there is a demo (game) option on the website where the shopper can test how the yipiii game works. The best part of which is that you could get a message that says ‘you would have won’ (but you don’t because you are the demo mode) What a fantastic way to make me WANT to gamble.

Except it is not a gamble because to the shopper it costs nothing to play the game.

How it works for the shopper:
You search for what you want to buy through the website and compare prices, you then use money in your Yipiii account to pay for spins of the wheel to try and win it. Play as many times as you like. If you don’t win, you can have played money refunded into your account.

As good as it gets for the bargain hunters.

No surprises it was the winner of the eCommerce EXPO 2013.

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