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innovation in fashion retail experience – Crowdemand


Crowdemand a fashion retailing platform adds another touchpoint in the Customer Experience Journey. The customer can now participate in ‘manufacturing’ of fashion merchandise which is much before it goes on the shelves. They are given the power to decide what goes on the shelf.

ZMot or Zero Moment of Truth has never seen this before. When the customer is in the discovery phase and is searching through fashion merchandise they are looking through what is already manufactured. Even pre-ordering is about estimating production quantities and not about ‘WHAT’ to produce.

The brand believes it is giving a voice to the customer while eliminating risk for the designer. What works for them is exclusivity, only a limited number of consumers across the globe (73 to be precise in the case of those in the picture above) will be wearing the design.
The flip side to which is that those who use the service with an intention to buy, will rarely make it social (share, like, pin, post) since fashion is all about exclusivity.

What we believe Crowdemand is actually doing is giving the customer something new. Engaging the customer in a way that has never been done before. However, with factors like:

Reach – engagement numbers. How many designers, influencers, consumers does crowdsource manage to reach. Because it is a novel idea the early adopters or enthusiasts will be excited to give their opinion but how many of these will you be able to capture?

That leads us to another question of engagement Vs. actual purchase. If the excitement of being able to cast a vote drives engagement, how well will it convert into purchases?

Then there is the question of turnaround time. In the age of same-day-delivery, waiting for a piece to be manufactured and then shipped seems like a long one.

Considering all goes well moneys lie in scalability of the concept, which seems debatable for Crowdemand. Only time will decide if this model works though we must say it is a novel concept.


One comment on “innovation in fashion retail experience – Crowdemand

  1. John Ue / 어수중
    October 6, 2014

    Great points you have made.

    I have backed Kickstarter 4 times in total. 3 successful and 1 was not. One of value that help to trade-off long wait (longest about 6months), was ‘exclusive to backers’. If I can find the similar value, 6 months is “dispute resolution” time not waiting for my stuff.

    Somewhat promising than the kickstarter newibies is “Seasonality” and ‘ahead of it’ and with the famous designer… Well, it could be worth waiting on the verge of seasonality, not lagging.

    I do agree that it will be challenging to “What to find out” from direct communication. They certainly have their jargons or somethings end consumer are not able to picture what it means from the engagement. It will be certanly challenging for designer,… I feel they need excellent facilitator to manage.

    Quirky would be the one that they need to study in terms of processes….

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