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Science behind use of lights in retail design

Can not emphasise more on the importance of light design in retail stores.
A related post we wrote on ‘lights being treated as a step child in store design.


Shopping is often referred to as retail therapy. It is said so because it is believed that while shopping, all the five senses get activated and give a sense of ‘high’, a sense of happiness. What is the effect that lighting in retail design have on these senses? How much does it aid in ‘therapy’ by shopping? What is the best way to use lighting to raise the attention and retention levels of customers?

Lighting conveys emotions and works on people’s instincts as well. It helps them gauge their way around and decide if they want to buy something from a particular retail space or not.  There are many aspects of lighting. To name a few: colour, distribution, intensity and brightness. There are some retail lighting suggestions which can help improve customer convenience, enhance their sense of well-being and hence translate into an increase in footfall and provide many more…

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