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WORKSHOP on Brand Storytelling

“STORYTELLING IS IN VOGUE, and there are a lot of people saying, ‘We have to tell stories and be on all platforms,'” says John Sadowsky, author of Email, Social Marketing and the Art of Storytelling. “Few brands are doing it well or authentically. Good storytelling is more about listening than people think. To tell a good story and involve your community takes a lot of groundwork, which many brands aren’t willing to do.


Brand Storytelling simplified for an organisation one of the esteemed clients of BUYSTORIES.

BUYSTORIES came on board as their brand storytelling partner. In November 2013 key stakeholders came together at a BUYSTORIES Brand storytelling workshop where we discussed the need for story content followed by a brainstorming session on key stories that could be used across platforms in the form of picture, video and blog posts.

IMG_2357 IMG_2358 IMG_2360

These stories are now being posted on the company blog that has enjoys healthy readership numbers.


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