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5by20 Coca Cola stories from rural India

In the world of social media conversations and that being discussed as THE way of spreading brand stories, here is Coca Cola spreading the ‘Happiness’ story in rural India.

India, Coca Cola 5by20 is focused on building capabilities and providing access to resources to women entrepreneurs through four programs. More than 8,000 women have benefitted from the following new and expanded initiatives.

The innovative eKOcool solar cooler program provides income generation opportunities for low-income retailers in rural areas.

The 5by20 Solar Cooler program is Cola-Cola India’s environment friendly way to boost beverage sales while economically empowering women at the Bottom of the Pyramid through increased opportunity to generate income.

Preeti Devi, one of the women retailers who has received “eKOcool” solar cooler said, “I can offer chilled beverages to my customers. This is a big advantage for us as our village constantly suffers from electricity shortage. What’s more, people also line up now to use the mobile charging dock provided on the solar cooler, which further drives sales in my shop, which have increased since the installation. Thank you Coca-Cola for this unique idea and for providing retailers like us with this opportunity to improve our livelihood.”
Other Coca Cola India 5by20 projects include:
  1. Pragati or “progress” provides business skills training to women retailers also in rural areas.
  2. Parivartan or “positive change”, provides business skills training in mobile classrooms that travel throughout rural India.
  3. Project Unnati or “advance,” is enabling mango farmers to adopt Ultra High Density Farming (UDHP) techniques, allowing mango farmers to plant more trees in less space, double their crop yield and also their income. Over the next five years, Project Unnati aims to reach out to 50,000 farmers, 15 percent of whom will be women.

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