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Collaborative Marketing and Crowdtap

Brands today are engaging the customer in a way like never before. While new social media platforms have become an important part of the marketing strategy for any brand, these are primarily being used to broadcast company messages.

The real focus however should be on participation, conversations and collaborative content creation. That would be the true use of these platforms.

Measurement of communication sent into the market is based on reach numbers but now needs to move to an influence metrics. ROI is about how much impact the communication had on the targeted customers.

We had discussed the need for crowdsourcing insights and collaborative marketing in a few of our earlier posts:
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In this one we would like to talk about Crowdtap a very unique enterprise technology solution that allows marketers to partner with their most engaged consumers throughout the marketing process.
Social Advocacy Suite and Insights Community Suite let brands convert customers into influencers not only to more customers but also to the company.
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