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Miele® Sales Pitch Inside and Out

Originally posted on Fixtures Close Up:
Steamers have been used in restaurant kitchens for decades. Lately Miele® and Gaggenau® offer these appliances for upscale home installation. This Miele point-of-purchase was…

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5by20 Coca Cola stories from rural India

In the world of social media conversations and that being discussed as THE way of spreading brand stories, here is Coca Cola spreading the ‘Happiness’ story in rural India. India, … Continue reading

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Collaborative Marketing and Crowdtap

Brands today are engaging the customer in a way like never before. While new social media platforms have become an important part of the marketing strategy for any brand, these … Continue reading

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now THIS is shopper marketing

To begin with a Storyboard Notebook with space pre marked for a ‘Video frame’ and the ‘Description/VO/VFX’ is a very useful product proposition. Probably comes from the fact that the … Continue reading

March 5, 2014 · Leave a comment

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