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Colour Cosmetics Retail Design Strategy

Can design sell Colour Cosmetics?
India has seen 15 new colour cosmetic brands since 2009 from Lancome, Faces, MAC to a revamp in our very Indian Lakme. Malls look like glamorous places partly because of the colour cosmetics stores with their very appealing doors.
Great to look at and interact with the customer often faces the challenge on choosing amongst the humongous variety available amongst and within brands. The Indian customer was suddenly made to choose from over thousands of products including some ‘for the Indian skin tone’. Not to forget the category segmentation of colour cosmetics for the Skin, Face, Lips, Eyes, Nails.
The number 1 challenge for the customer is NAVIGATION –  “trying to choose a shade of pink even within a brand is difficult because they have multiple ranges and each range has a unique pink”
On the other hand the challenge for colour cosmetic brands is not just to increase adoption of colour cosmetics as an everyday activity. Effective presence despite limited space across different retail formats is the one of the most difficult challenge faced by brands.
The BUYSTORIES and Valley India puts itself in the shoes of the brand to addresses the customer challenges with a unique shop-in-shop design making the best use of limited space. The design objectives were easy navigation and inspiring trial.
Do leave your comments on meeting the design objectives.

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