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power of a great design story

Apple – Steve Jobs introduces the first Apple Store Retail on May 19, 2001 at Tysons Corner Center, Virginia

The revolutionary Apple store as launched by Steve Jobs in is black turtle neck t-shirt and denims changed the paradigm of computer retailing. The store made it possible for the customer to experience how an Apple product fit into their lifestyle. Today not just computers but all consumer durable and IT products are following Apple’s footsteps to focus on product experience based retailing.

Segmentation by usage was a new concept back then. The Apple store was segmented into home and business computers, music, kids, movies, photos and solutions, where you could make a movie or burn a CD and the sections were called ‘quarters’.

There was also the Genius Bar that continues to exist today and has been ever evolving. Genius Bar was provided for the customer to receive technical assistance when it is most essential – at the time of purchase.

The 1st store had a ‘hotline’ or bright red phone that the Genius could use to get outside help but was later discontinued.

The other WOW was Apple’s AirPort wireless networking which meant no cables hanging loose.

The store was created by Fisher Development San Francisco. Product placement on low tables and subdued fixtures were developed after carefully doing what apple does well – Understanding customer behavior. The idea was to let the customer be drawn towards colourful communication and keep the product the hero.

A lot has changed around us as well as in the Apple world however the key principles of store design remain. That is the power of a great design story.


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