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I BIG SMILE on the faces of WestJetters

A small tiny price to pay for the smiles that you bring to your customers. Gorgeous idea, almost unbelievably executed brought about exactly if not more impact WestJet set out to make.

BUYSTORIES takes back 2 lessons from this idea:

1) Yes simple ideas are tough to execute – I can almost imagine the faces on the conference table around which the idea was presented. All so often we are oh so quick to shoot down ideas.

Imagine the conversation
Idea guy – What if we were to the fulfil Christmas wishes of the customers?
An expressionless room that moves on to the next conversation.
Idea guy – What if we were to truly fulfil wishes, imagine the impact it would have? Imagine the viral effect of the activity?

How will we do it?
How and why will the customer tell us their christmas wish?
How many wishes can we fulfil?
There will be vague wishes that are impossible to fulfil. What do we do then?
How much will this cost?
How will we fulfil wishes within a short timespan?

These are just a few from the long list of questions that one would have had to answer along the way to bring this idea to life? I bet someone could have made a few bucks if they were paid to answer every question.

Who will do it is the key question in any organisation? Very often the ‘Idea guy’ takes up the execution challenge.

2) Yes simple ideas go viral
30,424,830 – Hits on Youtube
Trending on twitter #WestJetChristmas
Coverage by Forbes Magazine and more
Millions of blogs

That is the power of a great story. Imagine the STORY that will not only go across the length and breadth of the customers social circle, social media shares and PR coverage… it will also go down generations.

Television, tablets, Cho-Cho train, Santa boots and I still can’t believe someone asked for socks and underwear from Santa!


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