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why did hashtag McDStories fail?

McDonald’s Head of Social Media Rick Wion said he believes in turning people into ‘storytellers’ and that corporations don’t tell stores, ‘people tell stories’.

The #McDstories hashtag campaign aimed at inspiring customers to share personal stories about their favorite McDonald’s moments, much to the brands dismay generated stories with people’s terrible experiences with brand McDonalds. The campaign had to be withdrawn within just 2 hours.

Reasons why did #McDStories backfire?

  1. The campaign just like any other social media campaign was bound to receive both positive and negative responses. However, McDonalds due to a lot of controversies over their product quality had to bear the brunt of mostly the latter.
  2. The campaign should have been targeted for example something as simple as #myFavouriteMcDStories is likely to get fewer negative responses as compared to a generic #McDStories.
  3. McDonalds should have asked their fans on Facebook and not the entire Twitter kingdom where even a few negative coverage by detractors can cause a lot of damage to the brand.
  4. They did not see it coming. Remember customer like to complain hence for an open platform like Twitter always anticipate and thoroughly examine the downfalls of the a possible responses.

A Youtube video has a rather amusing compilation of a few of the tweets received for #McDStories – 


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