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cost per square foot of stores

It is difficult to imagine business without the retailer, yet how often do we provide for or even discuss retailer empowerment in our Marketing Mix or our Annual Budgets.

Building a store for the retailer to sell from may not be enough.

It is the retailers who reach consumers at key moments of truth, influencing their purchasing decision making.

Even if we were to just discuss the costs of building a store, we provide for ‘store design and execution’ as a blanket cost to be apportioned amongst the number of stores. Our Capex costs talks of cost per square foot of building a store. However is that how brands apportion moneys to build stores?

Flagship stores demand high investments and rightly so. Hence cost per square foot of  building a flagship store is way higher than the rest.

After which one must consider the fact that 80% of a brand’s revenue is generated from 20% of the rest of the stores. In which case shouldn’t a large portion of the remaining moneys (after building the flagship store) be spent on those key stores that drive the maximum business for brands?

The key retailers that drive 80% of your business deserve additional support from brands not only from the Marketing and VM budgets. They deserve a chunk of money spent on building stores too.

Capex costs can remain an average costs for the benefit of books of accounts, right?

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