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United Arrows store windows

United Arrows used the Kinnect technology to make the store windows interactive and in grand style. The mannequins were turned into Marionettes. Though a very interesting was to engage passers by, did the activity bring in footfalls or were people happy to engage and leave?

Here are the things to watch for when experimenting with new technology:

The first question must be “What will it do for my business?” Any activity must either generate sales or enhance brand perceptions.

1) What will this make my shopper/customer do? Will it make my shopper look at the merchandise a little longer. Will it highlight aspects of my merchandise? Will that lead to sale?

2) Does this go with my brand’s image? I say no. To begin with the technology made the mannequins who are otherwise used to  showcase the collection were made to look like puppets and took the focus if any away from the collection. I can so imagine this window being an absolute hit with kids at a kids toy store.

3) Am I doing this to increase sales? or even footfalls? Any activity for that matter must lead to revenues esp. so for a tech activity since the investments are relatively on the higher side.

4) Am I doing this to up the image of my brand? If United Arrows was doing this activity to come across as an innovative technologically advanced brand then the investment may have been of some worth.

If the answer to any of the above is ‘no’ I’d say no to the technology.


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