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we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

Kaiser Berlin store for the elderly

A store with:

  1. widened aisles
  2. non-skid floors
  3. bright lights
  4. magnifying lenses hanging from shelves and shopping carts
  5. carts are lighter and easier to move
  6. carts redesigned with built-in seats for weary shoppers
  7. larger price labels
  8. smaller portions of merchandise for the person who lives alone and doesn’t need a six-pound block of cheese to feed eight kids
  9. employees, cashiers and assistants in their 50s
  10. red buttons can be found throughout the store for customers to summon assistance
  11. slower escalators that make it easier for less nimble legs to disembark
  12. `senior corner’, where people can meet in a relaxed atmosphere

In Feb 2007 Generation Market was launched as a pilot project for Kaiser’s, and the company opened it in a part of Berlin known for having a large population of seniors. If it goes well, similar stores will open across the country.

Does anyone know WHAT HAPPENED?


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