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Bodyshop uses ibutterfly for a fantastic instore experience

Wondering what that way?

The Body Shop in Singapore filled its stores with virtual ibutterflies for its 35-year anniversary, creating a virtual aviary of offers on products and 10 grand prizes of $500 worth of store merchandise.

ibutterfly is an motion sensor, location and AR based technology where you spot “Butterflies” dancing through your phone’s camera. With just a flick, you can capture a “Butterfly” and let it bring you attractive and exclusive offers and even content.

This is by far the most interesting use of AR and the most interesting delivery of coupons and content. It is participative, there is the element of intrigue, an element of achievement and instant gratification.

Here is how Honda used it in India

“I caught butterflies to win this”. It is a fun story to experience and tell. 

One comment on “Bodyshop uses ibutterfly for a fantastic instore experience

  1. Rahul Kulkarni
    October 3, 2013

    Supeeeeerb. Thank you for sharing!

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