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Monthly Archives: October, 2013

United Arrows store windows

United Arrows used the Kinnect technology to make the store windows interactive and in grand style. The mannequins were turned into Marionettes. Though a very interesting was to engage passers by, … Continue reading

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why do all store windows look the same?

Not always… Here are examples of some simple store windows with a STORY to tell.

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state of CX

The most interesting infographic I have come across on the state of Customer Experience cx_infographic By who other than the TEMKIN GROUP

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Kaiser Berlin store for the elderly

A store with: widened aisles non-skid floors bright lights magnifying lenses hanging from shelves and shopping carts carts are lighter and easier to move carts redesigned with built-in seats for … Continue reading

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Bodyshop uses ibutterfly for a fantastic instore experience

Wondering what that way? The Body Shop in Singapore filled its stores with virtual ibutterflies for its 35-year anniversary, creating a virtual aviary of offers on products and 10 grand … Continue reading

October 3, 2013 · 1 Comment

STORY, 144 Tenth Ave. Experience per square feet

A former marketing consultant to TOMS Shoes, Rachel Shechtman brings to life a physical retail innovation experience. Marrying the charm of an independent shop with the luxury of a well-curated … Continue reading

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