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emporio PERONI Italian STYLE applied to beer


The STORY of Italian STYLE applied to beer making it a lifestyle product.

A store window, a display, a store, an installation. The brand took up space at key high street locations with premium boutiques, cafes and retaurants, they created s torefront and placed a single bottle of Peroni on an illuminated pedastal. There was also installed a a refrigerator that spoke of Italian style and a handsome suit clad person looking suave Italian.

Because Italy is a symbol of style and craftsmanship. Here was a pure window shopping display of an Italian brand of beer.

What a gorgeous idea. Passers by are used to shop windows where one can enter in and buy. But this was pure window display no shopping stated by a cordoning off the door with a red rope on silver stanchions.

Built intrigue and gave the shoppers a reason to halt and notice. Pure attention grabbing Shopper Marketing.

Very few brands could have carried this off and the credit goes to the company to take a beautiful idea, put money behind it, execute it to perfection and wait for the shopper to react.
What more, this is an excellent PR story.


It won the 2008 Internation Awards for Innovation in Media.
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