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we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

inspiring me Asian Paints Colour World

In the year 2009 Asian Paints built a 7500sqft Customer Experience Store in the heart of the city of Mumbai. The store does not sell product.

The store does what any ‘Home decor’ segment store must do – INSPIRE. I am a big home person and I go there often to their Colour Chef Section.

paint-colours505_081612120603They teach me how to mix colours, paint my own home and using different brushes for textures (of course I an unlikely to paint my home. We are not the DIY guys in India) But the sheer pleasure one gets from using the colour and brushes and MOST importantly looking at various possibilities.

The store is about possibilities:

  1. Possible colours for your kitchen
  2. Possible decals for your childs rooms
  3. Possible drapes with a certain family of colours
  4. Possible paint/texture ideas
  5. For me possibility of painting my own home

What is working for Asian Paints Colour World:

  • Beautiful looking home decor pieces, sections of the store converted into rooms in a house
  • They have used technology for colour selection, sensor based colour changes etc.
  • Colour consultants who will display options till you can not see them anymore
  • Kids can play with their own set of colours
  • Colour Chef section that uses 5 sense engagement


The store ends up selling up-selling of their premium ranges of products.

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