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3 reasons for shoppers to buy a large pack of confectionery

Just like ice cream, confectionery is not an impulse purchase in a supermarket. However, marketers are under huge pressure to sell large packs in supermarkets – multipack or a large pack of chocolates, a weight measured pack of candies etc.

Confectionery shopping is not the same as biscuits or rice. One will not buy a large pack just because it is being offered at a better value. Unless the shopper is someone who cares little about health which is unlikely with the number of reports we read about the shopper turning to healthier products and the sudden deluge of healthy products in the market from sugar free gum, multi-grain four/bread, healthy biscuits etc.

We are trying to explore here, occasions for  a shopper in a supermarket to buy large packs of confectionery:

1) Kids birthdays
Not because the kid will be fed candy all day but for the party. Giving away candy/chocolates is a given at a kids birthday party as a gesture of celebration.
In which case the large weight measured pack of candies must be placed in the party supplies section.

2) Gifting
It is a recent trend in India to go away from weight measured packs of Indian sweets to a large packs of chocolates. And marketers have tried to create occasions for sale of these packs. Occasions like festivals, valentines day and any other season where we once would have gifted Indian sweets.
In which case these need to be placed closer to the Indian sweets section and also have a temporary secondary display and dispensing option.

3) Indulgence
Yes there is the occasional desire to indulge. And honestly it is usually driven by visibility. A Tobelerone cannot be bought in a small version.


If this is done to the shopper  there is no option but to drop the healthy eating idea and go for the BIGGEST bar available.

Of course this was at a supermarket in Geneva. The supermarket is frequented by tourists and hence this works beautifully.

One may not be able to do this as a regular activity. So what can supermarkets do to talk to the indulgence shopper? Show and sell is the strategy. The confectionery aisle is usually on the ‘do not visit’ list of these shoppers who have little control over their cravings. So placing the large packs in the category space may not work. Secondary placement too is sometimes temporary.

If you ask me confectionery category has 2 options:

(1) to get the retailer to give you a cannot miss part of the store aisles and do it up gorgeously for it to become a must visit location. One can try occasion based segmentation and also a well designed planogram to push large packs.

OS cadboutique spencers1

(2) to disintegrate the category. Place the right category at the right location within the store. Like we discussed large pack with party supplies, gifting options with other gifting options, gift packs with Indian sweets section/cupcakes/cakes section

Or one can do BOTH.


One comment on “3 reasons for shoppers to buy a large pack of confectionery

  1. Shireen
    September 11, 2013

    Totally agree with option 1 – good design, hard-to-miss location and an inner craving – all combine to make a purchase!

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