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store zoning

Store zoning is not a new word in Shopper Marketing or CEM however what you will read not is not common knowledge. Store zoning has absolutely NOTHING to do with the layout of the store or even the distance between a customer and a particular aisle.

Stores need to be zoned basis a customer’s behaviour in a particular part of the store. We alll love the cash desk area. The retailer uses it to mush some impulse buys and is hugely successful so much that now we have moved from placing instant gratification merchandize can like candy and chocolates to high margin ‘damn I forgot’ items like batteries and hand sanitizers. Supermarkets also these days use the space to sell beauty products. Why not? A little vanity didn’t hurt anyone.

A woman who has finished shopping for her home deserves to add a little vanity item like nailpaint to her cart. Something that is ‘just for me’ unless she has a teenage daughter at home. But the thought of buying something for her own self after having struggled through the aisles picking bread for the rest of the family seems very fair.

There is still scope to use the exit/cash tell zone well. Why are we only trying to make a sale NOW. What is with brands, supermarkets, retailers and instant gratification for themselves. We are not happy till we have reached a number and we are so shortsighted that we do NOTHING to give the customer a reason to come back.

Once the customer is out of the store you are out of their mind. You have a merchandise plan for the next week ready. Hand it over to those walking out and watch them come back for some 1 or 2 things that excite them.


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