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use of props in storytelling

Peter Guber -author of the book Tell to win paid a visit to the office of LASIK surgeon Robert Maloney. Peter’s wife had had a successful surgery and so she sent Peter for consultation.

Peter in his book says he was curious to know how Maloney managed to make his patients who do qualify – especially those who don’t know anyone else who’s had a surgery – believe that the radical benefit he promised was real.

Maloney pointed across the room to a basket between 2 chairs containing hundreds of discarded eyeglasses.


Stunning use of props. Those eyeglasses were the perfect embodiment of one of the key benefits that other patients enjoyed and that awaited the nervous patient. No more burden of glasses. They told the whole miraculous story.” Says Peter in his book.

The prop used in the story is compelling enough for someone like me who doesn’t care about a LASIK want to undergo the surgery. The benefit of  ‘no more wearing glasses’ is powerfully conveyed. Powerfully enough for me to want to walk out of the surgery room toss my eyeglasses into that basket with style and walk out like a movie star. Just like a shot from a Merryl Streep movie.

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