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Victoria’s (Secret) STORY

Once upon a time, women cared about wearing nice clothes. They couldn’t care less about what was under. Lingerie was meant to be cheap. Something white, something cotton, was the norm.

But someone somewhere (Roy Raymond) disrupted the pattern. Women began spending time and money on buying lingerie, more that what they spent on regular clothes.

Today, it’s common for women to buy a bra worth $50 to wear under a $10 shirt. Just yesterday a friend complained – “I cannot walk by, walk in, look online or in a catalog and not wind up purchasing something. I am freely admitting I am totally addicted to this place. When I am at home or travelling I am compelled to go visit Victoria’s Secret. I adore all their cute, things and have trouble saying no!”. Brand advocacy at it best.

She is not alone.

Why? Why do we shop for expensive lingerie? Why are we out-of-control each time we see something silky hanging on the window. Why does this manic obsession engulf all girls and women alike? What is VS doing season after season, year after year, that has women losing their mind (and money), all over the world.

It’s not style – Styles are good, but not for everyone. VS uses a good amount of padding in their bras. Women like that sometimes, but that’s not all we want in our lingerie wardrobe. We are also not interested in having our boobs pushed up to our chin.

What about fit? Victoria’s Secret isn’t known for well-fitting bras. Many bloggers have chronicled the problems with their measurement guides. And then there’s the limited range of sizes available. Victoria’s Secret offers A to DD while other manufactures range from AAA to KK (and beyond).

How about value? Bras range from $40 to $55 and up. They’re not cheap. And women can now find greater variety and better buys on larger Internet lingerie sites.

Forget about fit, fashion, or functionality. Lets talk about storytelling.

VS tells a fascinating story to every girl who wants to be glamorous. It takes something personal – girls in underwear – and turns it into a glorious celebration of femininity that has earned itself due fashion credibility.

How can you look at Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and not want to be that girl? All you need is $50.



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