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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

emporio PERONI Italian STYLE applied to beer

The STORY of Italian STYLE applied to beer making it a lifestyle product. A store window, a display, a store, an installation. The brand took up space at key high … Continue reading

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BUYSTORIES way of working

Day In The Life Of: Aaradhee Mehta Click link –

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this too is CEM

This too is Customer Experience Management although one must never do this.

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people are the most powerful advertising medium

A fantastic presentation by the Jack Morton Worldwide Group, on the importance of brand advocates. A study conducted across 3000 customers in US, UK, Brazil, Chinal, India and Russia clearly … Continue reading

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we buy stories not shade cards

We as consumers of any kind of communication today do not believe in evidence and argument. Guess who joined the shade card bandwagon? After skincare brands it is now time … Continue reading

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segmentation at a computer and laptop Brand Store

What is the shopper journey in purchase of a laptop/computer? STEP 1 – Realize the need for purchase STEP 2 – Add brands to the consideration set STEP 3 – … Continue reading

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inspiring me Asian Paints Colour World

In the year 2009 Asian Paints built a 7500sqft Customer Experience Store in the heart of the city of Mumbai. The store does not sell product. The store does what … Continue reading

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3 reasons for shoppers to buy a large pack of confectionery

Just like ice cream, confectionery is not an impulse purchase in a supermarket. However, marketers are under huge pressure to sell large packs in supermarkets – multipack or a large … Continue reading

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4 business cards that tell a story

Tell us what you think of the BUYSTORIES business card?

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store zoning

Store zoning is not a new word in Shopper Marketing or CEM however what you will read not is not common knowledge. Store zoning has absolutely NOTHING to do with … Continue reading

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use of props in storytelling

Peter Guber -author of the book Tell to win paid a visit to the office of LASIK surgeon Robert Maloney. Peter’s wife had had a successful surgery and so she … Continue reading

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Victoria’s (Secret) STORY

Once upon a time, women cared about wearing nice clothes. They couldn’t care less about what was under. Lingerie was meant to be cheap. Something white, something cotton, was the … Continue reading

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