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isn’t a bookstore all about STORIES

Steimatzky is one of the largest Book Chains in Israel founded in 1925. I came across some fantastic work that they are doing in that market using the power of stories. Can it be more apt for a bookstore to talk to readers in the language of stories?

1) Portrait of words.
Short STORIES written by authors on the spot is a new kind of portrait.steimatzky--draw-me-a-story


2) Here is something the bookstore has done recently that is commendable award winning work. But more than that, it is work that captures attention and tells me something I don’t know in an interesting way


Short stories about neighborhood locations were used all over the city on pole branding. The brand also used maps in the most interesting fashion I have ever seen to give similar information to those in the neighbourhood an get them interested in spotting the pole with a story. Billboards also had QR codes that lead the user to view maps and additional stories of locations in the vicinity.

Why do I think this work will win awards?

Simple and relevant: The mode of storytelling and the chosen media is simple yet very relevant. The brand tells you something more about the place you are at.

Disruptive: We are used to reading short stories about things on a media similar to the one used here at museums. The same medium ‘pole branding’ when used outside a museum is usually brand campaign work. So long copy on pole media is a disruptive idea.

Use of technology in a simple way: Incase the reader is interested in more than just what is written on the pole branding here is a QR code to link one to a map and more such location based information.

Online/Offline integration:  For those who may not have viewed the pole branding small maps were distributed around the location with the similar information to

If you ask me whether this work will drive footfalls to the store? I think not so much. However, it is a fantastic way of using the power of stories to get a consumer to be interested in the owner of the initiative leading to fantastic brand recall for Steimatzky.


The chain has also created some other gorgeous work like a very visual campaign on “The right book will always keep you company”
Don Quixote.jpg-thumb

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