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sorry state of Air India

The sorry state of Air India owing to 1 senior air hostess on the flight. If that is how a senior hostess is allowed to treat customers the example one is setting is preposterous. In a few years one will need to get insured against staff if they decide to fly with them for some odd reason.

At one point I wanted to get up and slap the lady hard. No I am not an ill tempered or violent person. It was just beyond rude for me to sit still about what was happening.

So what was happening?

We had an awfully badly behaved child on the airline. The parents were trying every trick in the box, all in vain. The Lady Monster (is what we will call the Indian Airlines air hostess) did a fantastic job of Customer Experience Management. I am being sarcastic of course… not only did she say nasty things to the child she had the audacity to give parental advice to the mother who I later heard telling her husband how hurt she was.
Is this the time I wanted to slap her? No…

Honestly the child was really badly behaved and noisy. I had requested for a seat change at Singapore and we had a halt at Chennai. Turns out from Chennai the seat I was occupying was allotted to a passenger. The passenger to my luck went straight to the Lady Monster who came marching at me to tell me where I belonged. I politely said ‘I know where my seat is!’. She did not serve me coffee. Huh!
Is this the time I wanted to slap her? No…

There was a classic Gujarati Jain family on the seats nearby. Jains are particular about their food without onions, garlic, ginger etc. The lady was a bit hassled when she asked Lady Monster for her Jain food and what did she get in return? No prizes for guessing. Nasty behaviour from Lady Monster. Lady Monster says “here is your Jain food and don’t worry I have given the same to your husband and child too” who were a few seats away. Classic witch from fairy tales.
Is this the time I wanted to slap her? No…

I wanted to slap her when after all this during a break she was chatting up a passenger her age, flirting and laughing so loudly it made heads turn.

BITCHY Lady Monster, you do not have a clue of how to treat customers. AND your senior management may have never heard of the term ‘Customer Experience Management’ else you would be without a job.

picture courtesy – Mumbai Mirror


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