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smart restaurant tool

Here is a very useful tool for restaurants.

When I visit a restaurant I always wonder what the guy writes on his little pad when we order. If I am a picky one and insist on extra garlic on my toast did he really pen that. Or did he write something like “wants bad breath” and the chef would understand.
Maybe they have their own lingo they laugh about when the day is over.

Well as long as I get my toast with extra garlics I am most happy for them to enjoy their little jokes. Don’t we all have them?!

However, my toast arrives with less not enough garlic and I will for sure complain. In serious cases the manager needs to step in like for instance we asked for a spicy pasta and they did not give us one the waiter argued and insisted there was enough chilly in the pasta and then offered to get us separate sauce. I don’t want separate sauce! I want my pasta spicy. How tough it it to understand.

Of course we did not tip well. Who is to blame? Honestly it could have been anyone. The waiter of sure, but the chef, management policies, the manager who was mean to the waiter, or the garbage guy who binned the piece of paper that said extra garlic or extra spicy. Who suffered?

I believe a piece called ‘Waiter Caddie’ is a great utility tool that can hold the following:
– The Order Note with the name of the waiter
– Bill
– Experience feedback sheets
– Tips pocket
– Some luring visuals or take away options to make the customer place a last minute order. Why let do of any chance to sell?
– and throw in a message or 2 if you have to

original diagram

Brand it, make it look premium, fun or whatever your brand permits, have all the tools there pen, order slip and bill for those who want to compare.

And incase there has been a story of spicy pasta I would have known where the penny dropped the waiter or the chef and I would be more informed in choosing my tip amount and most importantly forming my opinion of the restaurant wisely.

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