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ebay and kate spade Saturday

A strong contender for any innovative retail innovation award – Kate Spade Saturday ( a line of youthful cuts, fun-inspired prints and bright cheery colors.

With 4 store fronts in Manhattan has figured one of the best ways of introducing a brand extension.

A new concept from a brand the customer knows and resonates with is always accepted well.

Why is this so perfect for me?
Because for me it is beautifully UPGRADING the current worldview – “Stores are supposed to have a doors, window dressing, merchandise and are meant for shopping.”


Facade and a door – The facade has a door and looks just like any other store front. But the door is used for a sign that says ‘Shop Here’ pointing towards the windows. 

Windows display – its top 40 items like any other store are displayed on the facade just like stores where we uses space and mannequins.


And these spaces are meant for shopping – One can select merchandise from the digital screen, order using their smartphone, pay and have the product delivered to where ever they will be around Newyork in the next 1 hour.

It attempts to change nothing about the existing worldview, about stores and shopping. The story in the customer’s head remain intact. It only enhances it. It makes things better.

Yes one cannot try, yes one cannot ask for assistance, yes one cannot pick and pay. BUT I am not sure the customer misses any of these. And that is only because it is an innovative, engaging shopping experience.

PLUS – The concept is a bang on launch for a brand ( that is young, innovative and for an audience that will enjoy a virtual experience like this one. Whats more the shop works/attracts better in the night, with the lights and colours.

PLUS – It is the best integration of online, mobile and offline for shopping 24×7 shopping. When a product is delivered the delivery person will wait while you try and pay him if you do decide to buy the product.

PLUS – The brand has thought through all customer experience touch-points covered. Physical, mobile, payment, delivery, billing and the shopping bag.

PLUS – It is currently a store before the actual stores open. Later it can be an easily scalable, real estate friendly pop up store when ever needed.

And that last PLUS is that the concept has ensured that the customer has a seamless, fast, interesting and easy shopping experience.

“Consumer expectations are drastically changing, and it’s led by mobile. Consumers get what they want, where they want it,” says Healey Cypher, head of retail innovation at eBay, which partnered with Kate Spade Saturday on the initiative.

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