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Sprite’s perfect STORY plots

What is it about the highest selling ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ stories. The book ‘Made to Stick’ by Dan & Chip Heath talks about 3 plots:

The Challenge Plot
The Connection Plot
The Creativity Plot

It also goes on to say that if an average person wants to make it to the PEOPLES Magazine, its usually because he/she has an inspiring story to tell us which is based on one of these 3 plots.

Here is a TV commercial that uses ALL 3 plots and beautifully:

Since it is in Hindi I will try and explain the script briefly.
4 men trying to please a girl. 3 boys Captain of a spots team, An actor and A musician invite the lady by bragging about a lead role, captainship, famous concert etc.
Boy no. 2 gulps down a sip of Sprite cola and goes up to the girl “You will need company to go attend these invites. I could accompany you.”

An extremely intelligent plot. Away from the current worldview of ‘a girl needs to be impressed by some skills’ towards a new worldview ‘girls enjoy attending events in the company of interesting boys’

Coming back to the plots. The commercial has all 3 plots.

The CHALLENGE plot – The boy an underdog. May/maynot have any skills but overcomes a formidable challenge of competing with 3 impressive boys. Challenge plots inspire us to act – Buy the cola

The CONNECTION plot – A story about the boy who builds a relationship of friendship by bridging the gap of shyness. It is almost the start of a romance story. Connection plots build memories so we – Buy the cola

The CREATIVITY plot – The storyboard is beautifully chalked out to make the boys offer very matter of fact but there lies the creativity. He took advantage of the preceding story, had an insight on what the girl would prefer and made a bold and confident suggestion.

There you go. All the 3 plots in a 40sec commercial. Memorable and an effective BUYstory.



With the plots rights one can go ahead and develop more such 40 second spots:


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