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we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

the STORY of perceptive selling

My UPT and ATV story.
I work with these terms day in and day out. UPT is Basket size and ATV is Basket value. Yet I fell for a sales associate trick or shall I call it skills? By the time I had realized what had happened I had swiped my card for an amount way over my budget and bought way too many items. It was at a DIESEL store in Italy.

The sales associate (lets call him Mr. A) was quick to gauge that I was shopping with a budget in mind. And here is what happened…
I tried most new cuts of denims and closed on a 1 but had to make a final call between 2 washes. Both looked great but there was a significant price difference. Mr. A convinced me to buy the lower value item. Now you are wondering how that makes the ATV go higher. It doesn’t but let me finish the story.


I went on to browsing some watches and he again convinced me to buy a watch that was half the price of the other watch I was considering. Again both were good watches. Note how still have a large portion of my budget.
Assuming I had a budget of 100 and I chose a denim worth 20 instead of 50. And then I picked a watch worth 30 instead of 80. I still have 50 to spend.

Then I move on to bags and I love one but choose not to buy it as it was way too expensive.
Looked and T-shirts and dresses and I had enough money to pick a few of those.

I reached the cash-tell very happy to have bought so many items yet exceeding my budget by just a marginal amount. One last question from Mr. A – “Are your sure you don’t want that bag? You seemed awfully pleased with it”. I was brimming with the emotion of joy of a good deal and that emotion made me buy the bag.

Mr. A had upped his sales figures – larger basket size (more that the 2 items if I had bought the expensive denim and watch) and a higher basket value (I over shot my budget so willingly)
Subtle eh?
And honestly till date I do not regret buying ANY of the items. No wrong choices made. All items are beautiful and match my style.

Smart! Mr. A was an astonishingly skilled sales associate.

What a fascinating BUY Story.

When I use this story at my training session with Sales Associates it is a clear eye opener. The audience understands the meaning of ‘selling smart’ and not ‘selling hard’.
Because for most of them when a customer is confused the natural tendency of is to sell the higher value item (to up the basket value). However this story clearly demonstrated the complete opposite. ATV and UPT can go up without having to ‘sell hard’.

Makes me wonder how many such buy stories there could be and that if shared amongst each other could help each of them ‘sell smart’.


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