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smart shelf design

fixture closeup is one of my favourites specially when I wish to be awed by simplicity at retail.

We understand hoe precious shelf space is. At one end we struggle to get the maximum shelf facings and the other end we need to maximize the apportioned space.

Here from is a Flip-Front Shelf-Edge Label Strip offers space savings in the vertical plane, allowing you to merchandise even more per unit area.


Just 1 more pack per shelf column x by the no. of store shelves is quiet a number. We have talked about intelligent FMCG packaging Here is some very very intelligent FMCG retail store shelving.

Benefits of this fixture:

  1. Space maximization – Can stack 1 more pack

  2. Visibility of messaging – Angle of the shelf strip

  3. Shop ability – If you look at the bottom image, it is easier for the shopper to pick the pack. I love this part. Closer to the shopper, easier to pick and I would LOVE to use the top of the pack intelligently. E.g. Mark a coloured strip with variant name so it makes it easier for the shopper for find what they are looking for even if it were placed on the lower shelves.


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