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men are faux pas avoiders

I have worked for some gorgeous fashion and luxury brands like DIESEL, Paul & Shark, Timberland, Thomas Pink. In India these happen to be primarily male brands. As the head of Shopping Experience I made it a point to visit key customers.

Mr. Aman Ghosh CFO of one of the MNCs was happy to invite me over for tea. A typical bungalow in Delhi’s Arts colony. Gorgeous artifacts. Aristocratic old money vibe. A complete gentleman. He is the most valuable customers of one of our formal wear brands.
We are talking store experience, merchandise feedback, general sense of fashion in India and somewhere in the conversation pops the sentence…

“I am a fashion person, you will never see me in black socks with a grey trouser.”

It has happened often enough to conclude that fashion is a term so misunderstood by us, even by the most impeccably dressed.

These men are impeccably dressed. Know their brands. Shop often.
Do they have their own style? They most certainly do
Are they aware of trends? They can tell between classics and something new. So yes they understand fashion, they just use the term wrongly.

The meaning of fashion itself is a debatable subject, but for the purpose of this discussion – Fashion = A popular trend, esp. in styles of dress, ornament, or behavior

However, here is the current worldview of a good section of Indian men

man fashion

Deciphering the statement leads me to believe that we do not follow fashion, we follow Fashion Etiquette. i.e. dress to impress, dress appropriately and avoid faux pas.

Having said this, there is a complete different set of men who understand fashion better than me (who works for a fashion company). And I also believe the new India, existing 13 year olds are going to be the ones to embrace fashion.

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