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the praise and questions around Starbucks Evenings

It is an obvious move.
As much as I think Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker may not be very happy with the move.

Later dayparts in any community are not about getting together for coffee but about unwinding with some wine or beer. Starbucks is about the community and a meeting place.

That is the good part is Starbucks has always maintained its positioning around the 3rd place, meet, conversations and their fantastic experience. Starbucks Evenings seems like a continuity story. Starbucks Evenings offer all of the above with some wine and beer. Not a story difficult to buy at all.

Lets see what they have got right

The insight is right customer need to relax and unwind in the afternoons and evenings with a glass of wine and some beer.


The store ambience lends itself to an evening with wine.


The have worked for the music to become mellow post 4:00pm

The menu is being appreciated and even the prices are right.


They seem to have their pieces in place. Whether it will succeed time will tell.

I am putting my money on yes!


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