Shopper Marketing and Customer Experience Management

we believe it takes an inspiring story to make people buy

use of storytelling – Chevrolet

  • most important part of a car sale  – Delivery of the car’s features while emotionally connecting with the customer
  • person critical to the situation – Car dealer

Chevrolet’s very witty and totally gripping campaign ‘Under the blue arch’ will set you thinking ‘what is going on’ just then you get it and you go ‘ahha’. How clever! It is what happend to me.

Watch this:

They have created a fictitious Chevrolet dealer with 5 beautifully crafted characters they  call ‘education staff’ and made something like a TV show. It is believed to be inspired by the TV show ‘The Office’. Witty and engaging. It is a way of telling us how Chevrolet employees interact with each other and how much fun they have selling their favourite cars ‘Under The Blue Arch’. It has a catchy theme song too. All the ingredients of a classic sit-com only that it isn’t one.

The features when delivered in a story are easier to remember.
Robin episode about Chevy Malibu where she is talking about the styling.
Kyle the smart alec steps out of his cabin to tell us that the design is inspired by the Camera.
It sticks.

What is more it very clearly establishes the experience one can expect at a Chevy dealer store – friendly and inviting.

AND what better way to drive footfalls to a car dealer?

For more:

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