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‘lights’ a step child

Retail Store Design is an evolved ART.

Truth is – Customer’s subconscious mind is the most important influencer of purchase behavior and Retail Store Design is consumed subconsciously.

However the element of science involved in Retail Store Design hasn’t received its due attention. To some extent we have understood the use of colours, materials, sizes as elements that can send subconscious signals.

Store lights however remain a step child.
Step child because in most cases the Designs and Visual Merchandising department leaves the decision of lights to the Fixtures department. Fixtures department is meant to do what its great at and artisitc lighting does not fall in their purview.

As a result you will sometimes see stores that look like the images below.


Storytelling is never complete with the right narrative, characters and costumes. It needs a lot more elements to create DRAMA and lights are the most powerful of those elements.

Likewise, each section of the store is part of the set design, every mannequin is a character in your story and the product is your hero.
Store design is incomplete without well thought through lights design.

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