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‘Let it out’ stories by Kleenex

Kleenex the world’s first facial tissue brand became a generic name for tissues at one point. But that has its downside of running the risk of being commoditized and the steps in the prices and margin war. Kimberly-Clark rightly wished to take the brand beyond its traditional role.

‘Let It Out’ campaign, was designed to make people think about the emotional side of using facial tissues  by making then narrate the stories behind the using them.
A blue couch went around 6 countries capturing stories that were about letting out tears, laughter, joy, frustration, and all the other things we hold back.

“The space had a major impact on the various brand metrics tested, significantly increasing all awareness and persuasion metrics.” says Rebecca Hirst, Brand Manager, Kleenex

For us at BUYSTORIES the real achievement for an activity like ‘Let it out’ is a youtube comment:
pmckinney 4 years ago
I am so the “get the kleenex” type. I would love to do this… when’s the blue couch coming to my town?

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