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a heartwarming story of a customer service representative at U.S. Cellular with a cancer patient

Taking from the video – Heartwarming story of a customer service representative with a cancer patient

24-year-old Carlos Gonzalez sporting large white-rimmed sunglasses, a plaid scarf, a lip ring, and a Mohawk. customer relations associate in the company’s retention department U.S. Cellular customers.

Carlos received a call from Florence, a woman in her forties. She had called to cancel her service, as she was undergoing chemotherapy treatments and that her medical bills were piling up. She just couldn’t afford her mobile phone anymore.

Florence crying: I have never smoked a cigarette in my life and that this had come out of nowhere, I am losing my hair.
Carlos to Florence: I could help her out with U.S. Cellular’s bill relief program, which gives customers in need a 30 percent bill reduction for six months. You really did need the phone for calling your doctors and setting up appointments,”
Florence was incredibly thankful tearing up, too.
Carlos: I will shave by head in your honor and send her before and after pictures. 

It would have been easy for Carlos to renege on his promise after he hung up the phone. After all, he’d spoken to Florence for 15 minutes, tops. But he shaved off his Mohawk the very next morning. “He took the photo and sent it to Florence. It felt so good. It felt like something I needed to do for her.”
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I am going to get my hands on this one soon: book_lrg

IF you wish to build a Customer Centric Culture there are 2 things to learn from this and many more stories like this one.

1) HIRE RIGHT – training can only get you representatives reading from a book with their eyes and body language saying ‘I don’t care’.
2) REWARD – remind them how ‘a job will get them money but what will get them their next promotion’? If as an organisation focus on employee progress is measured on contributed to sales why would one care about customer service.
If you are NOT doing the 2 things listed above, everything you are doing is damage control.


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