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do I look like a Mr. to you?

Oh I forgot you can’t see me because you are across the phone.
It was the industry’s conscious move to call a customer by their second name in the wake of customisation. We seem to have missed a step somewhere. Before you started using titles and 2nd names have your data right else it will end up causing you damage.

Yes so my name is unusual but it is indeed difficult to imagine this name on a man. The database given to you Mr. Customer service representative, was incorrect because some lazy cog in the wheel did not bother to clean the data. The same data that companies think is worth a million bucks and have safely locked it in a folder. The one they sparingly take out and share lest it gets stolen.

Anyway sorry for digressing from the topic. Imagine my anger when I am called Mr. by a someone on the phone.
There are conversations about whether to use Madam/Ms.. I say that decision can wait.
1) let’s clean the data before we start using it.
2) lets look for a new way of addressing someone that is gender and age neutral.

Any suggestions for point no 2.?

2 comments on “do I look like a Mr. to you?

  1. Chinmay
    July 18, 2013

    Does “Hi Aaradhee” work?

  2. thebuystories
    July 18, 2013

    It definitely does? Why bother with a title? Keep it personal!

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