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father and son merchandize display



Beach shorts – What better merchandise for the concept of ‘like father like son’.

Holiday shopping often happens at the last minute.
Last minute holiday shopping brings with it euphoria. The customer is already visualizing themselves at the beach or by the pool. Give them a picture  of father and son enjoying themselves in identical shorts.

Yes there will be a few who will not be kicked if not detest the idea, but hey what the hell. There will be tons of others who would ‘picture themselves by the pool with their adorable little one looking like father and son’ and love that picture.

Give them a picture. Help them visualize.
I would have loved some props like sand, glasses of cooler, shades and toys. But I guess this one does a clean job too.

And oh I forgot to mention, this idea is ideal for the ‘paranoid of losing my kid in the crowd’ kinds. Smile Smile!

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