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spoken word poetry – HONDA CR-V

I have off late developed an interest for the fascinating world of ‘spoken word poetry’. And I chanced upon this one – Spoken word poetry on Honda CRV

honda CRV spoken word poetry

Do you know what it means when someone performs a story (unpaid) about your brand?
Can you imagine what can happen to your brand when someone uses it in their performance?
How often have we seen this?
Would the spoken word poetry be the same if it did not mention the brand Honda CRV?
Yes it could have been any brand but if the a person chooses your brand over others it is all you need to stir emotion.

Will this lead to a peek in the sales graph of Honda CRV. Unlikely! But the sheer passion in the story and the performance, the overwhelmingness of the boy’s emotions attached to the memories they made in this car, are all sure to create a tiny space in your heart.

People are moved by emotion!


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