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at Lego someone is constantly thinking stories

Who loves stories more than kids? Lego does the best storytelling. There are multiple reasons to believe that someone at Lego is constantly thinking STORIES. lego brand history storyBRAND STORY – For one, watch this story about Ole Kirk the inventor of Lego, which talks about how Lego started and where the name comes from. The scripts, character sketches, style of narration and productions quality leave a strong impact.

The story is engaging for the ‘eager to learn and display knowledge’ child who is very likely to re-tell this story to others his own age and older too. The story is a fairy tale in itself. The story speaks of values like putting dreams into action, emphasis on quality over anything, facing challenges etc.. Ole Kirk could very well be turned into a character with more fictional stories displaying these values.

Compare it to the Walt Disney brand story video  that is far from the quality of visuals kids are used to seeing today. We couldn’t get through more than 3 minutes of it, and so wonder how long a child would sit through it. lego luka apps

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STORY – 7 year old Luka had bought a Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider set with his Christmas money and happened to lose a minifigure Jay ZX during his shopping trip to Sainsbury. He wrote to Lego explaining the incident and promising to never lose it again. Lego sent him a 3 in one Jay and a bad guy for Jay to fight with. But it was the heart warming letter that kept the child’s imaginary world alive that made all the difference. This is what great brands are all about. We can only imagine how ecstatic the child must be and how many of his friends will he invite to play with this special Jay.

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lego story builderVIRTUAL LEGO – With its STORY BUILDER application the brand Lego has decided to be a part of the changing world of a child. They realize that the children are constantly being lured by the virtual world on their smart gadgets. The STORY BUILDER app – brings together the physical and virtual world. Once a lego brick model is put together by the child can point the smart gadget to activate stories behind the model which is done by using augmented reality. The app goes on to aid ‘capture and share’ so the child can re-tell his adventures. Jørgen Vig Knudstorp President and CEO Lego Group talks about the innovation story –

Omar Kattan at Brand Stories – “Lego understood very early on that they’re not in the toy business, but instead, the imagination business. As a result of this, Lego brought their bricks to life through the magical power of story told through multiple platforms.”

Lego may have lost the battle of copyrighting brick building toys but after this I am unlikely to buy Mega Blocks or any other competitive product. For me Lego is the luxury brand amongst toys which has a story to tell.

One comment on “at Lego someone is constantly thinking stories

  1. thebuystories
    May 23, 2013

    Thank you John for liking our post. Isn’t it fascinating how Lego does this? Would you buy a competitive brand after reading this?

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