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what are you likely to do?

Imagine this – ‘you are walking past a store and you spot a beautiful jacket in the store window, you walk in and while you are browsing you spot the hangers flashing digits. 


It looks something like the picture here. One will want to find out whats going on.

Once the customer has figured what it is i.e. the number of likes each merchandise has received on FACEBOOK what are they likely to do?

We don’t know. What are YOU likely to do?

We love the inclusiveness of the idea. Fashion is (mostly) popularity. Customer engagement to decide popularity and using it to help you sell is a fantastic plan.


Now assuming the technology is bug free

1) There is a larger risk of making the other (not so liked) merchandise  seem unappealing. This can work against closing of sale esp. in fashion where limited size sets limit availability.

2) As a business I would be worried sick about the numbers staying stagnant.

3) Where is the scalability?

4) Wish the customer could engage on the floor as well… maybe a like or not after they try the merchandise.

None the less we need to experiment, put ideas on the floor, get the customer to respond, do the tweaking and if none of it helps, let the idea die to make way for another one.

Executed at Brazilian retailer C&A –


2 comments on “what are you likely to do?

  1. Mike Anthony
    May 22, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this – as you say its a neat idea but its difficult to fathom what the outcome is (which suggests that perhaps it isn’t well thought through). What does happen to the stuff that no-one ‘likes’ – who is going to behave differently as a result of this and will they end up buying more?

    Would be great to see if anyone has any data on what actually happened and what results there were.

    Thanks again,


  2. thebuystories
    May 22, 2013

    That’s right Mike.
    I for one I am old enough to not let Facebook likes dictate my wardrobe.

    I also dont know if it what the numbers on hanger are all about, is clear to the customer. Perhaps some communication on the hanger would be good.

    This reminds me of an activity on DIESEL that was about likes in store.

    What I believe could have helped is to invite fashion influencers to the store and let them rate a few bestsellers. That could up the credibility of the brand if nothing.
    And like I mentioned in the post, maybe let the customer like/dislike after trial in the store.

    Yes, it would be great to see if we someone has some data on results.


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