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why would my bank send me an SMS at 2:25am

What I will do about it?

  1. I will spend the day hoping this was a system error
  2. Make sure the bank does not have me listed as NRI and as residing in the US of A
  3. Pray to the almighty to make this an anomaly (if it wasn’t)

At 2:26am the phone beeps, I hear it and try hard to ignore but 2 people wake me up ‘me’ and ‘me’. One ‘me is a paranoid person’ constantly fretting about bad news and will wake up startled hoping it is not someone who needs help. The other ‘me is hopelessly in love’ and wakes up hoping her eternal love is drunk texting. I wake up to read this “Rs.xxxxx is debited to A/C…xxxx on 18-05-13 02:25:42 (Clear Bal Rs.xxxxxx.xx). TollFree 1800xxxxxx 1800xxxxxx”.
I put myself back to sleep wondering if I should laugh or cry at this.

The bank was hoping for 1 of the 2 things:

  1. I would be very disappointed about the debit and they wanted to keep me up all night
  2. I would be happy to know that my ECS payment was made as soon as the clock indicated that the date had changed to 18:05:2013 and maybe call them to congratulate them for their efficiency

I was drunk on emotions. BUYSTORIES believes in getting the customer drunk on emotion. But..

“Dear Bank,
Whichever emotion it was that you were gunning for (happy/sad) worked against you. The emotion you actually evoked was anger which is/should be the most worrisome customer emotion for a brand.
Wishing you loads of common sense.

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