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Project Chirag: garnier men power lighting a village

Garnier gave us fantastic story.

Founded two years ago, Project Chirag is aimed at providing Solar based electrification to over 125 villages across the country. Rural electrification by providing households with 1 solar lamp, 1 solar tube light and 1 solar panel. (only 1)

There is one thing to identify an inspiring story, another to craft and perform it and quiet another to share it. I believe Garnier Powerlight did an absolutely fantastic job of craft and perform.


Identifying a story:
I am a tad unhappy about the fact that the brand picked the village development platform. It gives one more reason for the rest of the world to believe the ‘single story’ of India. The story of this impoverished country with unhappy, underdeveloped state of affairs.
Also I think JA is not the best guy to promote the campaign. Of course you must use him but not to promote the campaign.
More importantly is Garnier gunning for rural sales of its Powerlight range? If yes, are men from a powerless village likely to buy a fairness cream?

Spreading a story:
I happened to read a BE article by Foxymoron.
Where is the sharing? Are pledges on social media by the 1.6million FB fans and 2.6k Twitter follower working for you? Where are the cycles for (just) men to pedal? Is the visit by Sreesanth and others from Rajasthan Royals going to work against you?

I am confident someone could have done a better job of spreading the story.

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